Welcome to the European First Responder Innovation Managers (EFRIM) platform!

Dear visitor, European First Responder Innovation Managers Platform (EFRIM) strives to make European countries more safe and secure by improving the cooperation between Police, Fire Departments, and Emergency Medical Services and helping tri services to anticipate more effectively and efficiently on new circumstances and incidents in Europe. EFRIM is an European multi disciplinary network bringing policy makers, innovation/R&D managers and stakeholders of first responder organizations (including Civil Protection) together to deal with strategic, tactical and operational challenges of first responders. We do this by:

  • Developing an European platform of multi disciplinary chapters of innovation managers;
  • Organizing European expert meetings to set the strategy and translate it to clustered innovation projects by interacting with knowledge centres, the industry and other organizations.
  • Develop knowledge and a structure to generate a constant flow of funding for R&D projects and pre commercial procurement projects.
  • Cooperate with community of practice platforms to share best practices on how to improve culture, skills and processes.
  • Disseminate gathered knowledge.

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