Outcome 3rd EFRIM meeting

The 3rd European First Innovation Managers meeting took place on the 17th and 18th of November in Münster Germany.

Outcome of the meeting:
After the welcoming words of Dr.Ludwig Frühauf of the Federal Police Germany, Michiel Poppink of Instituut Fysieke Veiligheid gave an introduction about the history and essence of EFRIM.

Carl Daniels of JESIP explained in detail how this interoperability program was developed, how it was structured and how EFRIM could get inspiration from this.

Key points in the following discussion were:

What is EFRIM?
EFRIM is a European first responder network for research and sharing knowledge.

What is EFRIM doing?
By investigating past incidents, new circumstances and changes in society on a European basis, this platform can help the European first responder organizations to broaden their perspective to deal with challenges they are faced with. Focussing on the notable practices, lessons learned and the lessons the organizations didn’t learn, EFRIM helps to improve the learning process. The outcome helps both to improve the organization of the services and to articulate the needs of the organizations which knowledge centres and industry can help to fulfil. This way EFRIM can initiate practitioners driven projects and represents the multi services on a European level. Several steps to be taken to formalize the network are discussed.

Possibilities for a Horizon2020 call:
Dirk Oberhagemann of the German Fire Protection Association shared his experiences with filing Horizon2020 calls. EFRIM will investigate the possibilities to apply for a network call. First responder organizations of European countries are invited to join this meeting.

During the second day the group discussed how to develop cooperations with other organizations like CTIF and the Community of Users.

Call for action: 
Based on the discussion steps are being taken to further structure the organization and to start the research.

Extra information:
Powerpoint presentations and extra information are available by sending an e-mail to m.poppink@efrim.org.

We welcome representatives of the first responder organizations to join EFRIM. Please send a mail to m.poppink@efrim.org

Safe the date:
The 4th EFRIM meeting will be organized by the JESIP organization on the 23rd and 24th of February 2016 in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Hope to welcome you there.

Kind regards
Michiel Poppink

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