First Responder H2020 network

Afbeelding 3

Dear first responder,

We would like to invite you, first responder/practitioner to participate in a 100% practitioners H2020 network proposal.

Why participating in this call?

It is in our responsibility to deal with natural risks like floods, string rains and storms which are closely connected to technical risks. Too often we don’t have the resources to closely monitor the research and innovation projects to better deal with these risks.


RespondNet focusses on analyzing current research and innovation projects. Together with actual training we develop a clear vision on what our common requirements are, what needs to be developed and how we can improve our performance.

Together with European colleagues we share our projects, lessons learned and articulate our needs for recommendations practitioners like us are looking for to implement.


Together with Police, Fire Services and Paramedics of Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal Norway, Sweden and United Kingdom we have come to a network proposal RespondNet.

About the co‐ordinator vfdb

vfdb or the German Fire Protection association is a non-profit organisation with more than 3000 members working among others in the fields of fire safety, environmental protection and disaster prevention. This network brings together blue light first responders to better deal with new circumstances and new incidents. 

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