Dear Sir/Madam,

The EFRIM team up with The Fire Service College to organize the 6th European First Responder Innovation Managers forum to be held in the UK on November 28th and 29th 2017.

Interoperability and fighting terrorism
What can we learn from the London terrorist attack? What can we learn from the Paris attack? How can we improve the interoperability amongst our European first responder organizations?

In a two day exchange of experts meeting you will get first hand feed back from French and English special response teams about what happened during and after the terror attacks. Based on that information the group of European first responders will discuss how we could develop SOP’s, governance, training, usage and technology which will help us to create a well coordinated approach which will help to save lives.

The cooperation between the first responder organizations is referred to as interoperability. It is at moments of crisis that the true barriers between the tri services come to the surface: the lack of interoperable communication systems, different terminology and language and failure to properly co-ordinate across the services can significantly hinder the effectiveness of the response and actually exasperate the situation to the detriment of both the public caught up in the incident and those responding.

Based on the outcome of this meeting a white paper will be written to be discussed with stakeholders and might be input for proposals of H2020 grants in 2018.

Who should attend?
This is a strategic level forum appropriate for senior managers from emergency response organizations who hold responsibility for, and have experience of, managing innovation.
EFRIM strives to improve the safety of Europe improving interoperability of the first responders/emergency services by understanding how we can deal with common challenges faced by our organizations. By providing a platform for the all services to connect with each other, sharing knowledge, exploring how resources can be coordinated and formulating common goals, EFRIM can help voice common needs to national and European policy makers to synchronize the approach taken and maximize the support available.

To Book
If you would like to attend EFRIM6, please send the following details to
Job Title / Role
Name of Organization
Email Address
Places for existing members have already been allocated but limited additional places are available so book now to avoid disappointment. Other places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. Catering during the event will be provided, please advise us if you have any specific access or dietary requirements.

On behalf of the EFRIM team,

Peter Oakley

The Fire Service College


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