European interoperability questionnaire 

InteroperabilitycontinuumDear Sir, Madame,

We would like to invite European first responders to participate in a 100% practitioners interoperability questionnaire.

About interoperability
The cooperation between the first responder organizations is referred to as interoperability. It is at moments of crisis that the true barriers between the tri services come to the surface: the lack of interoperable communication systems, different terminology and language and failure to properly co-ordinate across the services can significantly hinder the effectiveness of the response and actually exasperate the situation to the detriment of both the public caught up in the incident and those responding.

EFRIM sends out a questionnaire to European first responders like you. Please request the link at Filling it in will take about 20 minutes. Due to its practical use the questionnaire is based on the Interoperability continuum of DHS and the JESIP questionnaire. Other models and suggestions are welcomed. EFRIM will not use your personal data and only share the general outcome with the first responder who filled in this questionnaire. Multiple colleagues of one organization can fill it in. Please forward it to your colleagues.

Why participating?
Filling in this questionnaire might help you to get a feeling for the interoperability in your country. The outcome allows you to benchmark your current situation with other countries in Europe. Moreover it gives an indication what road is in front of you and what is already accomplished. The general outcome will be presented to the relevant (EU) stakeholders.

During the 5th EFRIM meeting first responders from the UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands showed interest in doing this research. Together with the Police Academy of Lisbon Portugal and the Municipality of Geel(BE) this questionnaire is send to the EFRIM network.

EFRIM strives to improve the safety of Europe improving interoperability of the first responders/emergency services by understanding how we can deal with common challenges faced by our organizations. By providing a platform for the all services to connect with each other, sharing knowledge, exploring how resources can be coordinated and formulating common goals, EFRIM can help voice common needs to national and European policy makers to synchronize the approach taken and maximize the support available. For more information please mail at

Kind regards
Michiel Poppink
+31 6 43 91 19 68

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