International crisis management, how to evaluate the quality of interoperability?

Climate change and terrorist threats render an increasingly complexity in safety operations. In this way, appointed first responders have to manage a wide stakeholders community and have to be more efficient in this changing world. The different services and agencies, have to work together and to be effective to deal with the large incidents, trying to reproduce the level of interoperability they have reached during the daily routine operations.

As incidents become more and more complex, technology develops in an increasing pace and the wish for standardization holds higher standards for the civilian first responders, cooperation between Police, Fire Service and Ambulance services becomes even more a pressing issue.

Jean Paul Monet is Senior officer (LTC) of French Fire and EM service. Together with his colleagues he developed a methodology to measure the cooperation amongst first responder organizations. Moreover he did a study on interoperability on a national and international level.

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During the 7th EFRIM meeting Mr. Monet will give a presentation about how first responder organizations can improve the communication with each other, understand each other and can develop an approach to improve their cooperation.

On October 16th EFRIM will organize this 7th EFRIM meeting with a focus on interoperability and building the EFRIM platform.

EFRIM is a European initiative to articulate the needs of the first responders in Europe, share knowledge amongst first responders, initiate (European) innovation projects and voice the needs of the Police, Fire Service and Paramedics to the (European) government. EFRIM is run by first responders for first responders and we strive to improve safety and security in Europe.

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